Home loans and personal loans are also very popular!


Based on February data. personal loans were at the forefront. The growth was 36% compared to the previous year and the growth of housing loans was 34% over the same period. Personal loans were close to 19 billion. A home loan of HUF 36.6 billion was signed in February. According to experts, new home mortgages may grow more this year and personal loans will continue to grow.

New home mortgages may grow more this year


According to the data of the MNB, the highest level of personal loans taken in Hungary during the first half of the year was unprecedented. In February, creditors repaid more than they borrowed, and so for one month. we were net borrowers. This is also significant because borrowing data are generally weaker in the winter months than in the summer. This was surpassed by the start of the year.

We can see the offer per bank with the APR and interest rate of the home loans at different interest periods, see how the banks offer with a 10 million loan taken for 15 years and the purchase price of the home is 14,300,000 HUF.
Accordingly, at the end of February, borrowing costs were stagnating or declining.

Personal loan costs declined the most

Personal loan costs declined the most

From 18.4% on average last year to nearly 16%, a 0.6% drop in housing loans. Bank loans for home loans stood at HUF 5,800 billion in February, up by 5.76% at the end of January.
We can see that the month of February peaked in personal loan competition with other forms of credit.

The term interest rate of home loans is split into two:

  • Short-term, floating-rate, new home loan interest rates fell from 4.40% to 3.40%
  • long-term housing loans with up to 10-year interest rates with a fixed interest rate show only a minimal 0.3% cost reduction. (From 5.9% to 5.6%)

And the position of the deposits?


Bank deposits did not come as a surprise, they did not change, with the exception of the new forint deposit. Interest rates on forint deposits decreased further:

  • within one year promises 0.4 percent
  • over 1.1 years only 1.1%.
  • The average annual interest rate on Euro deposits was 0.73% and 0.61% on a year-over-year basis.

Retail deposits were 6.5% higher than a year earlier, despite low interest rates. Growth increased more on non-term deposits, from 52% to 62%.

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