Good Finance Federal Building Loan

If you have land and plan to build your house in 2019, know that the market will be ripe. After some years of crisis, experts predict greater economic stability in the country for years to come.

So if you are thinking of getting the dream of home ownership off the paper, follow this article and learn more about building loans at Good Finance Econômica Federal, the country’s leading housing finance bank.

Some prerequisites for financing construction by Good Finance

Some prerequisites for financing construction by Good Finance

For those planning to build, one of the indispensable points to be approved in a Good Finance construction loan is that all land documentation is regular. In addition, the work must contain a project approved by an architect or engineer, as this document is also part of the prerequisites for funding.

Other important points are to be of age, have no name restrictions (SPC / SERASA) and proof of income.

Own ground construction

This loan option to build from Good Finance is part of the Housing Finance System (SFH), which enables the customer to pay higher installments and use FGTS.

In this mode, Good Finance offers up to 35 years to repay the loan. For approval, some of the conditions are to have a clean name, not to own another property in the same municipality of the work or occupation of the proponent. Also not eligible is the customer who already has another financing within SFH.

The amount of the installment may not exceed 30% of monthly income. It is possible to make a simulation on the Good Finance website for housing loans. You can choose between individual or corporate, residential or commercial financing. Then the customer selects the option “construction” and puts the approximate value of the property.

Construcard Good Finance – Credit for building materials

Construcard Good Finance - Credit for building materials

This is another Good Finance product for those who need a loan to build. This line of credit allows the customer to purchase the building materials from the accredited network within six months of the loan.

This credit facility allows the customer to purchase building materials from the accredited network.

With this feature, it is also possible to purchase materials other than those of traditional construction, such as built-in cabinets, swimming pools, elevators, water tanks, solar heaters, etc.

Interest on this credit line starts at 2.5% per month. If the customer requests an amount and does not use it fully, no problem: interest will only be charged on the amount used within the stipulated time. Only after the defined deadline for purchases is amortization started, with a term of up to 20 years for settlement.