Credit after the probationary period – 20+ offers compared

Post-probation credit is sought by many workers.

They know that now a difficult phase in life is over and all further processes are running smoothly. Taking out a loan is therefore associated with no great effort.

The trial period – Zitterpartie for each worker

The trial period - Zitterpartie for each worker

The probationary period is a very difficult and uncertain time for many workers. It not only brings with it the danger that the employment relationship can be terminated at any time. It can never be said exactly how the financial situation develops.

Most of the time during the probationary period, the income is lower than for a permanent position. In addition, no one can predict exactly how to proceed after the probationary period. Does a regular employment contract follow?

Or is there only a temporary job. Many workers are therefore happy when they have passed the probationary period and finally have something meaningful in their hands. In the best case a contract of employment, which is without limitation and guarantees a good income.

Then life can really be taken in the hands and a credit after the probationary period is nothing in the way.

How does the probationary period end?

How does the probationary period end?

The extent of the probationary period is regulated in the employment contract. There is therefore a fixed deadline when the trial period is over. As a result, loan requests can be specifically targeted so that a loan can be taken after the probationary period.

In this context, it would be important to check in advance whether a permanent position for borrowing must be available and how long it must already be in place. Many banks require at least three months of fixed term employment from their borrowers.

It may well be that a loan can not be taken after the trial period directly after the end of the probationary period.

Which loans are available?

Which loans are available?

After the probationary period follows a permanent position and agrees the creditworthiness of the borrower, can be used in principle any form of credit for the loan after the probationary period. This is very convenient, as the credit can be directly appealed to the planned project.

Most borrowers choose a loan whose money is at leisure. Individual requests can be implemented without having to tell the bank what the money should be used for.

However, anyone who pursues a firm intention can also use a special purpose loan. Since the financed thing is already considered as security, in addition to the credit rating often no other far-reaching collateral must be named. In addition, earmarked loans often bring very good repayment modalities.

Are there any special features when borrowing?

Are there any special features when borrowing?

A loan after the probationary period is not a special feature, so it can be applied for as normal. It is recommended to make a comparison before borrowing in order to use the best possible offer. Our comparison calculator helps to find this optimal offer.

When comparing should be paid not only to the interest. The other conditions are quite interesting and decide how comfortable the repayment of the loan is. Special repayments or early repayment should always be possible free of charge, especially for large loan amounts.

In addition, some banks now offer payment pauses. This means that the monthly rate can be suspended once or twice a year. For example, when the holiday is just around the corner and the money for repayment should go on vacation.

All this and much more can be clarified in advance of receiving a loan after the probationary period.