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You best compare the conditions and possibilities of a revolving credit with the providers below. On their websites you can also calculate how much you can borrow.


  • Immediately compare more than 30 loans
  • Arranged within 24 hours with the best possible conditions
  • From € 5,000 to € 150,000

If you want to have somewhat more extensive financial resources, the revolving credit is very suitable. Due to its great flexibility, it is one of the most common types of loans. If you expect costs in the future that you cannot accurately estimate, such as repair costs for your car or household appliances, purchases of new appliances, regular small renovations,… a revolving credit offers a good solution. With the revolving credit you do not have to know in advance what exactly you want to buy and when. You just take out the revolving credit and you withdraw money when necessary.

Credit limit

Credit limit

If you take out a revolving credit, a maximum amount is recorded that you can withdraw: the maximum credit amount or the credit limit. If your application has been approved, you can withdraw money at any time. However, money may only be withdrawn up to the agreed credit limit. The lender will assess the maximum amount of money that you can withdraw. This could be 13,400 euros that you can borrow. You can withdraw money up to that amount. For example, you can withdraw 4 times 2,500 euros and 3,400 euros once.

You do not have to withdraw the amount of the credit limit, nor do you have to withdraw it in one go. But it is allowed. Just as often and just as much as you want, as long as you stay below the maximum loan amount, the credit limit.

If you do not need money, then you always have a financial reserve with the revolving credit. What the revolving credit also offers as an advantage is that you can pay off at any time that suits you. If you want to pay off early, there are no costs involved. Have you repaid part of the amount and you still need some extra money? Then you can simply withdraw it again, up to the maximum amount that you have agreed with the lender.

Monthly amount

Monthly amount

At the start of the revolving credit agreements are made about the amount that you will repay each month. This amount is made up of interest and a fixed repayment part. The interest that you pay is determined by means of the market interest rate that applies at that time, and may therefore vary. You are therefore dealing with a variable interest rate. This is very different from a personal loan. With a personal loan, there is a fixed interest rate. With a revolving credit you do not know where you stand next year.

To request

To request

If you are interested in the revolving credit, you can request a consultation from your bank. In this interview you will get all the information needed to make a good choice. It is important that you know well how much money you may need in the future and what repayment amount you can miss each month. If you have a clear overview of your situation, it is also possible to request a revolving credit via the internet. Almost all major banks also offer this flexible loan form online.


  • Very flexible, always with extra money in mind, withdrawable immediately, also via PIN
  • Only pay interest on the amount withdrawn
  • Nothing included? Nothing to pay
  • Pay back the withdrawn monthly amount in pieces
  • Early repayment is always possible


  • Variable interest rate: can therefore sometimes increase
  • Given the possibility there is nevertheless: credit can encourage anger


In summary, the revolving credit is a form of borrowing in which you decide how much you want to withdraw and pay off a fixed amount each month. The term of the loan differs and there are no costs involved if you want to pay off early. Finally, with the revolving credit it is standard that a life insurance policy applies.